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Important Phrasal Verbs For IELTS | Phrasal Verbs PDF

Important Phrasal Verbs For IELTS

Using a variety of challenging vocabulary is an important factor that can help you achieve a higher score in your IELTS Academic Writing. At the same time, it is very important to know the difference in case and level of formality when using complex languages ​​such as phrasal verbs.

Phrasal verbs are very common in colloquial English. Native speakers use phrasal verbs without thinking about them. However, they become a problem for outsiders. We can often confuse their meanings and misuse them in sentences. This is because they often have more than one definition and more than one context for correct use.

What are phrasal verbs?

These are verbs consisting of several words, which can be either separate or inseparable. They come from two or three words in different grammatical categories - usually a verb and a particle, such as an adjective or a term. When we combine them, these words take on a different meaning, which is often considered too informal for academic writing. This is one of the main reasons why we should not use them in academic writing, as it should be informative, concise and clear.

How to Use Phrasal Verbs in IELTS Writing

If you are unsure whether a phrasal verb is formal, informal, or neutral, we recommend that you replace it with the equivalent of a single verb. Here are some common phrasal verbs you can use instead. 

They can be important to IELTS because someone who knows how to use them naturally demonstrates that they are fluent in English. In some cases, they can be used in both writing and speaking.

You want to be able to recognize them if someone else uses them in their writing or speaking otherwise you may misunderstand what they are saying. However, as with any new vocabulary, you must be careful how you teach them. Its use should be natural.

If you learn a few phrases and try to “adapt” them to your speech or writing to get a higher score without knowing them properly, this may sound unnatural and you may make mistakes that the examiner will notice.


"Phrasal Verbs List For IELTS"

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