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IELTS Cue Card Topics And Follow Up Questions PDF

IELTS Cue Card Topics And Follow Up Questions

In the IELTS speaking section, the examiner gives you 1 minute to prepare for a conversation on a specific topic. This topic will be called a replica. The topic of the cue card as well as the instructions on the topic are written as a guide. Here are some sample cards to help you get ready and what to expect.

The Speaking Module in IELTS is one such module that the student is not sure about. The main reason for this is that many students are afraid of what questions the examiner might ask them. This is why it is difficult for them to do so, because they need some time to think about the answer, and in the middle of the answer they have no time to think. Also, a big break in your answer may be the reason for the punctuation. That's why it's better to think of the answer first so that you can finish in 2 minutes

Here for your practice, we are going to provide you some expected IELTS 2021 Speaking Topics. You can practice and you can expect any of these tips that your examiner will ask during your IELTS conversation. So practice these hints, we are not asking you to remember your answer but it will be helpful for you if you have already practiced it before the actual exam.

What is an IELTS speaking cue card?

During the IELTS exam, you will be given a hint card, also called an assignment card, consisting of 3-4 questions and some instructions to help you answer the questions on the hint card. You will not be given the opportunity to change the question, you should talk about the topic that you received in the prompt card. But you will be given one minute to think about the answer. If you cannot remember the points that you prepared in one minute, you can write them down on this sheet.

You can speak continuously for two minutes until the examiner tells you to stop. The examiner will then ask a few questions about the given topic. The test lasts 2-3 minutes, including 1 minute of preparation. Bookmark this particular web page for more information.

Important Cue Card Topics & Follow Up Questions PDF File


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