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Preposition of Time, Place, Directions & Movements | Prepositions



* ON

Explanation/Meaning - Days(of the week) & dates

Example - On Monday; on June 1st; on Christmas Evening; on my marks; on the weekend (AmE)

* IN

Explanation/Meaning - Months/seasons/year, Part of the day, After a period of time

Example - In summer/in July/in 2020, In the evening, In an hour; in the future

* AT

Explanation/Meaning - A specific point of time, Exceptions (when?)

Example - At 11:15 p.m.; at half past six, At noon; at night; learned English at 45; at the weekend (BrE); at first glance


Explanation/Meaning - From a specific point in the time until now (past till now)

Example - Since 1990; since yesterday

* FOR 

Explanation/Meaning - Over a certain period of time

Example - For the first time in forever; for 5 years


Explanation/Meaning - From now to a specific point in the past (now till past)

Example - A year ago; a while ago; a second ago 


Explanation/Meaning - Throughout the course or duration of

Example - During winter; during the holiday; during the discussion


Explanation/Meaning - Previous to in time; earlier than

Example - Before summer; before dawn; I have to talk to the manager before I call my boss


Explanation/Meaning - Subsequent in time; at a later time than

Example - After midnight; after tomorrow


Explanation/Meaning - Up to a certain point in time 

Example - Until Monday; I'll wait to call my manager until I hear from the client


Explanation/Meaning - Telling the time

Example - Ten to two (1:50) / (ten past two 2:10)


Explanation/Meaning - A starting point / an end point

Example - From the beginning; from now to eternity

* BY 

Explanation/Meaning - No later than

Example - By 12 o'clock; by next week


* IN

Explanation/Meaning - Position or state inside sth.

Example - In London; in the book; in the mirror; in love

* AT 

 Explanation/Meaning - In the area of .....; specific position, An event (or a place related to it

Example - At hotel; at the table; at my side, At the party; at the park; at school

* ON

Explanation/Meaning - Position above, in contact with, for a certain side (left, right), the state or process of 

Example - On the desk, on the wall, on the left side, on leave; on fire; on the way; on the phone; on TV; on the radio, on trains; on the bus; on a plane


Explanation/Meaning - From a place or position

Example - Off the table; off the wall; went off to London; got off the bus; turned off the AC


Explanation/Meaning - At the side of; closer to; next to

Example - By the window; beside the car; stand by me


Explanation/Meaning - In a lower position; beneath the surface

Example - Under the table, under water 


Explanation/Meaning - In or at a position above, more than

Example - Put sth. over a shirt; walk over sth. over my deal body, over 100 years; over ten miles


Explanation/Meaning - In or to a lower place; beneath

Example - Below the surface; below 20 degree; below the clouds


Explanation/Meaning - Higher than sth. else; overhead

Example - Above the door; the clouds above; the problems cited above

 * UP

Explanation/Meaning - From a lower towards a higher point

Example - Up the hill; up there is a ...


Explanation/Meaning - A descending direction

Example - Rolled down the hill; walking down the street



Explanation/Meaning - On, at, to or from the other side

Example - Across the street; lines across the paper


Explanation/Meaning - From one end or side to another

Example - Through the tunnel; a tour through France

* TO 

Explanation/Meaning - In a direction toward a person/thing, toward a (given) state

Example - Go to bed; move on to; face to face, back to health; all the way to; to die for


Explanation/Meaning - Movement to the inside/interior of, to the condition, state, or form of

Example - Went into the kitchen; crashed into a tree, breaking into pieces, go into banking


Explanation/Meaning - From the inside to the outside, no longer in the condition, state or form of

Example - Drag myself out of bed; out of nowhere, out of town; out of order; out of fashion


Explanation/Meaning - Movement to the top

Example - Jumped onto the table


Explanation/Meaning -- Movement in the direction of; or closer to

Example - Towards the house; towards the future; towards peace


Explanation/Meaning - A starting point; movement away from, a source, a cause, distinction

Example - Walked home from the station; traveled from NY to LA, a note from the teacher; know right from wrong


* OF

Explanation/Meaning - Originating from, composed of, associated with, belonging to

Example - Men of the south; a cup of tea; the spirit of God; that friend of mine

* BY

Explanation/Meaning - In the name of; through the agency or action of

Example - A book by Hardeep Singh; played by the rules; killed by a bullet; one by one they left; by car, by bus


Explanation/Meaning - Estimation of quality, on the subject, ready to do sth

Example - About ten people; about two miles, a book about English, the chorus is about to sing


Explanation/Meaning - Indicates the object, aim or purpose

Example - Happy for you; drink for you; eager for fame; for one thing.......; for heaven's sake


Explanation/Meaning - In the presence or use of

Example - With a family; with cheese; play with you; with determination; with a lot of love; will be with you; from Canada with love


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