25 February 2023, IELTS Exam, Writing Task 1, Evening Slot, INDIA - IELTS Updates And Recent Exams

25 February 2023, IELTS Exam, Writing Task 1, Evening Slot, INDIA

Actual IELTS Exam, Academic, Evening Slot, Writing Task 1, 25 February 2023, INDIA

Q.  The table gives information about annual salaries of five employment sectors in Australia in 2006.

The given table illustrates the changes and differences in the proportion of full-time and part-time employees in Australia for 6 different age groups and the vertical bar graph shows the percentage of part-time employees of both sexes.


In particular, when it comes to employment, including part-time and full-time jobs, the percentage of men aged 14 to 65 is higher than that of women, 60% - 75% for the former and 20% - 35% for the latter. On the contrary, with respect to the employees older than 65 years, the given graph witnesses a contradictory trend, specifically 10% for males and 15% for females, constituting the lowest percentage.

Meanwhile, in terms of part-time jobs by gender, the percentages of 14-19 years old rank the top, with the highest numbers for males and females are 55% and 65% respectively. The percentage of part-time workers gradually increased from 20% for men and 30% for women in the 36–45-year-old group to 40% for men and 50% for women in the over-65-year-old group. However, with regard to the 20-35 year old element, the percentage of male workers outnumbers female counterparts by 5 to 4, with the lowest number of both genders.


Overall, it's crystal clear that male workers dominate the job market, except in the age group above 65 years. However, with respect to part-time jobs, it exhibits the opposite trend, except in the 20-35 year group, which bucks the trend, with female workers outnumbering their male counterparts.

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