30 September 2023, IELTS Exam, Writing Task 2, INDIA - IELTS Updates And Recent Exams

30 September 2023, IELTS Exam, Writing Task 2, INDIA

30 September 2023, IELTS Exam, Writing Task 2, INDIA

Q. These days, many people like to watch live performances (such as shows or concerts) at home, either on TV or on a computer, instead of attending in person. Do the advantages of this trend outweigh its disadvantages?

It is argued by many people that to get the best out of an event such as a play, show, or sporting event, one must attend it in person rather than simply watching it on TV. In my opinion, while there are some compelling reasons to do so, the consequences far outweigh the benefits.

On the one hand, watching a live broadcast of a performance on TV is a convenient and economical choice. Firstly, people don't have to book tickets and travel long distances to see live performances. When people go to crowded places, they face the risk of accidents such as injuries, and pushing, as well as criminal activities such as theft or pickpocketing. Secondly, although tickets to live performances are very expensive, watching live concerts at home is more affordable and even free for viewers. This helps many people with limited financial means have access to such exciting entertainment. As a result, television performance has many advantages for becoming popular.

On the other hand, being part of a live concert is extremely exciting in many ways. Live performances and their atmosphere with thousands of people and high-quality sound always evoke deep emotions among participants. Being part of an enthusiastic crowd allows people to fully experience the passion that they cannot find in recorded performances. Live concerts are also a good choice for finding friends who share the same interests. Moreover, visitors will be able to get closer to their idols, communicate and express their admiration. For example, when Arijit Singh was scheduled to hold a concert in Delhi in July, the concert was completely sold out. This shows the fans' love for their group.

In conclusion, I believe that despite the benefits of a telecast, attending a concert in person provides a more engaging experience. This is because the electrifying environment of a live event cannot be replicated in a living room. Additionally, special events and performances that are available live enhance the overall experience.

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