7 March 2024, IELTS Exam, Writing Task 2, Evening Slot, INDIA - IELTS Updates And Recent Exams

7 March 2024, IELTS Exam, Writing Task 2, Evening Slot, INDIA

7 March 2024, IELTS Exam, Writing Task 2, Evening Slot, INDIA

Q. We are becoming less influenced by advertising now than in the past. What are the reasons? Is it a positive or negative development?

The use of online sources these days has resulted in greater public awareness as compared to a decade ago, while the public was so innocent and easily attracted to the product through advertisements. Moreover, people use product reviews and consumer comments to make a choice whether to buy or not. In my opinion, this is a significant positive improvement as a person can save more by simply spending on essentials. The essay will analyze the above reason using examples and further discuss why this is a positive development.

To commence with, it is undeniable that people are more active on the Internet than last time, so they can get any information about everything rather than relying only on advertisements. Moreover, when a person wants to buy a product, he first checks the offers and opinions of consumers online in the review section and then makes a choice. On the other hand, in the past, companies used celebrities to endorse the brand and this strategy attracted customers because they were not knowledgeable enough. For instance, I bought a washing machine a few months ago, but first checked the comments and suggestions about the machines and the company's customer service. Thus, this is the main reason for the decrease in the impact of advertising on the audience.

However, we should not forget that by being aware of this, a person can save a large amount of money. In addition to this, in the old decades, the crowd followed the advertisement of a certain product, if they bought the wrong product, they had to buy it again and spend more. For example, when I was a child, my father bought the same shower store by following the popular advertisement on TV and did not get better results, but these days we buy things and check everything on the Internet.

To conclude, despite the fact that online awareness is the main reason for the decline in influence on the public. Despite this, this is a positive development as people are able to save more money and effort as they now know their basic needs and know what to buy and what not to buy as per this trend.

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