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Phrasal Verbs For IELTS Speaking | Speaking Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs For IELTS Speaking

What are phrasal verbs?

Phrasal verbs are formed using a verb and a particle (preposition or adverb). For instance, "wake up" and "wake up" together form the phrasal verb "wake up". Phrasal verbs often have a completely different meaning than the verb itself.

Phrases verbs are a kind of idiomatic expression, and using them will help you to hear an informal and natural sound in English. You can use them on the IELTS Speaking Test if they are relevant to a task or topic. It can help you achieve better results! Let's take a look! 

How to Use Phrasal Verbs in IELTS Speaking?

In the first IELTS Speaking task, the examiner asks you questions on familiar topics. Here are some examples of the types of questions you might be asked, showing how you can use phrasal verbs in your answers.

In spoken English, we use many phrasal verbs. Sometimes the meaning is clear, but most of the meaning is idiomatic and it is difficult to guess just looking at the words.

There are two main reasons. Firstly, phrasal verbs sound more natural, which is important in IELTS Speaking. Moreover, many of them are idiomatic and the use of less common idiomatic vocabulary is a key criterion for IELTS Speaking.

How do phrasal verbs help in IELTS grading?

Vocabulary assessment requires an idiomatic language of 7+. Phrasal verbs are one way to use idioms. Unfortunately, they are quite difficult to use. They must be delivered with the correct pretext. Today we will teach you 4 with the correct combination of words. Each of them can also be used as a placeholder, which also helps to improve your language proficiency.

We've put together a list of phrasal verbs to help you understand a variety of topics, as well as provide you with definitions and examples.


"Phrasal Verbs List For IELTS"


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