4 May 2024, IELTS Exam, Writing Task 2, Evening Slot, INDIA - IELTS Updates And Recent Exams

4 May 2024, IELTS Exam, Writing Task 2, Evening Slot, INDIA

4 May 2024, IELTS Exam, Writing Task 2, Evening Slot, INDIA

Q. Many people prefer to watch foreign films than locally produced films. Why could this be? Should governments give more financial support to local film industries?

Many people enjoy watching foreign films rather than films made in their home countries because these films can serve as a window into other cultures. I strongly believe that governments should fund regional film industries as this will encourage filmmakers and potential content creators to create more creative films.

Many people decide to watch films in different languages ​​to learn how other people live and where they come from. This is because films can provide insight into the sights and habits of people in other countries. In other words, people can feel as if they have visited another country. Moreover, each country is famous for its genre. For example, in India, Bollywood is known for producing comedy and action films; England is known for its theatrical and historical releases. As a result, this makes some people interested in watching international film festivals as they can experience different tastes.

Governments, in my opinion, should provide more funding to the local film business. Providing scholarships to fine arts schools will encourage interested people to pursue their hobby. This financial support will also encourage young filmmakers and directors to be more creative and provide them with the opportunity to participate in international film festivals such as the Oscars so that they can show their work to the world. For example, Japanese animation studios were able to become famous thanks to the Oscars.

To conclude, many people watch foreign films because it opens them up to learning more about other countries and enjoying different storylines. I believe that regional show business needs to be supported and funded by the state, as this will encourage young directors and producers to reveal their creative potential.

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