9 May 2024, IELTS Exam, Writing Task 2, Evening Slot, INDIA - IELTS Updates And Recent Exams

9 May 2024, IELTS Exam, Writing Task 2, Evening Slot, INDIA

9 May 2024, IELTS Exam, Writing Task 2, Evening Slot, INDIA

Q. Some people think that in order to produce a happy society, it is necessary to ensure that there is only a small difference between the earnings of the richest and the poorest. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

Economic inequality is so obvious in our world. Some believe that it is better to limit the salaries of the rich, thereby making residents happier. I do not agree with this view as it could have serious consequences for the nation. 

To inaugurate with, to improve the standard of living of the economically disadvantaged, the first and foremost step is to ensure free access to education for everyone, regardless of their background. Consequently, they will be able to get a well-paid job. For example, another possible method is to set a minimum wage for each job. In this way, slowly and gradually the disadvantaged will witness their lives prosper and feel fulfilled.

However, if the government introduces a plan to cap the wages of rich people, it could have serious consequences. This is because they may feel dissatisfied, as a result the worker may migrate to developed countries where he can earn decent money without any restrictions. For example, recently many rich Indian businessmen migrated to various foreign countries where they could get tax benefits like Malta. Because of this, some unintended consequences may affect the financial health of a society while attempting to maintain an optimal standard of living for everyone.

To conclude, according to some, in order to minimize economic imbalance in any country, limiting the income of the rich would be a feasible solution. In my opinion, I firmly repeat that this is unlikely to bring any positive result, since it causes discontent among the rich. It is highly recommended that the authority find alternative solutions to this problem.

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